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The Owners

Corey and Sunny moved to Ogallala in 2003 after working at Sandhills Golf Club in Mullen, NE, and took over the golf course here. For 18 years the two have worked hard to manage the course at top quality. 


The Course

A beautiful eighteen hole course with a front nine developed in 1960 and bac nine added in 1997.  


Crandall Creek will gladly cater your events for you. Whether you prefer your event hosted at the clubhouse or the establishment of your choice. Corey and Sunny have years of experience catering smaller groups or groups of 100+. Rehearsal dinners, weddings, graduations, or class reunions are all events that we have experience hosting and catering. 

Contact Us 

Email -

Phone - (308) 284 - 4358

Address - 359 Road East 85

Facebook - Crandall Creek Golf Club

Twitter - @CrandallCreekGC

Instagram - @crandallcreek

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